University of Email is an initiative in the world of email era. We all know how this world is transforming into the digital era. We already have crossed many stages of technologies and now reached on technologies such as AI and Big Data. The total number of worldwide email accounts are nearly 4.3 billion as of Dec 2016 and expected average annual growth rate of 6% over the next four years, in which 2017 is already passed so at the same the new number is 4.5 billion email accounts. Nearly half of worldwide email users are in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific is the most populous region in the world and is home to China and India, two of the largest Internet populations. Europe accounts for about 22% of worldwide email users, while North America has about 14% of worldwide email users. Rest of World (RoW) accounts for the remaining 14% of worldwide email users.

Considering above figures its easily said that email has a lot of potential in digital marketing and so people should talk about in order to accelerate their revenue. University of Email is a web home for those who want to discuss, learn and share their experience related to this field.

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