Yahoo/AOL/Verizon Postmaster tool for Email Deliverability

In 2015 Google had announced its own postmaster tool for email marketers that has helped a lot for the senders.

Now Verizon has announced the similar but I think a little bit better postmaster tools that will certainly help the email senders. As of now, this is available on a request basis and If you are interested you can reach out to to learn more about this program and the requirements to gain access

Here is what Verizon says about this –

We know senders need signals to help make their emails better and we believe in working with trusted partners to create more relevant content for our mutual customers.

In our view, the way these signals are provided to senders today is simply not working. Traditional panel and pixel-based tracking solutions can compromise the privacy and security of our users and risk violating our terms and policies. In addition to these important concerns, current solutions aren’t even all that accurate.

This is why we are announcing new email deliverability and performance feeds to help ensure reputable senders can get the trustworthy, aggregated insights they need to continue improving their emails but in a way that first and foremost protects our users. No more skirting privacy guidelines and embedding trackers just to end up with unreliable data. Our solution provides meaningful and actionable metrics while still keeping our users safe and their data protected.

Let’s work together to move the industry forward, away from tracking pixels and towards more accurate reporting that guarantees user safety and helps you understand your campaign performance even better. At the end of the day we all want the same thing – for our customers to receive the best emails possible!

Trusted senders who want to learn more about this program, please head over to our postmaster page.