Have you ever tried to understand the Subscriber Experience?

Despite the fact that it happens frequently, it’s always surprising to marketers and they seem caught off guard by aspects of the subscriber experience. It’s no coincidence that I’m putting this recommendation front and centre. The subscriber experience is absolutely core to a successful email program. Not only does it influence consumer engagement and brand perception in and beyond the […]

Are you entering into email marketing? have a look on your creative and contents!

Good email design captures attention, facilitates information processing, augments the brand story, and draws the eye to actionable sections of the template. Good content (defined as both the copy and images selected) capitalizes on attention, articulates value, and outlines next steps. Once the holiday blitz has subsided, it’s a good time to review creative templates and your brand’s content strategy. […]

Holiday season isn’t completely over and you need to know 2018 success for your email programs

The holiday season is just winding down, and email marketers are looking for every opportunity they can draw on to make their New Year’s offers stand out. While we can’t guarantee opens, we can offer readers a few data-driven tips and tricks that just might increase your chances of success in the inbox. Here are four emailing tips your organization […]

Cloudmark acquired by Proofpoint for $110M in cybersecurity

Today, cybersecurity firm Proofpoint — which provides SaaS products to protect businesses’ email, social media and other services — announced that it would pay $110 million to acquire Cloudmark, another firm that provides security protection for messaging services, focusing specifically on serving the ISP and mobile carrier markets. “We are excited to welcome Cloudmark’s ISP and mobile carrier customers to […]