Are you entering into email marketing? have a look on your creative and contents!

Good email design captures attention, facilitates information processing, augments the brand story, and draws the eye to actionable sections of the template. Good content (defined as both the copy and images selected) capitalizes on attention, articulates value, and outlines next steps. Once the holiday blitz has subsided, it’s a good time to review creative templates and your brand’s content strategy. These two elements of the email program need to work in unison to communicate value and help the subscriber transition out of inbox processing mode and begin envisioning how the products and services can fit in their personal narrative.

Use images wisely. Our eye is naturally drawn to images, so make sure you’re being mindful about what they convey and where they’re directing attention. Images should support key messaging, enhance the perception of value, and draw the eye to towards actionable pieces of content.

Add value beyond offers. Content marketing has come into its own and is now an essential tool for marketers. If your program is light on non-promotional content pieces, find brand appropriate ways to connect with your audience beyond offers and conversion oriented messaging.

Determine whether your signifiers are strong enough.It is important for email designers to clearly signify which elements are clickable. Review the elements that subscribers are able click on and consider tests to determine whether stronger signifiers result in stronger click through for your brand.

Evaluate template processing patterns. As we skim content, our eyes typically follow an “F” shaped path on the page. Designs that take this into consideration are easier for us to process and assess for value. If your brand is due for a major creative overhaul, you may want to consider investing in eye-tracking software to ensure that your designs are directing attention to critical elements on the page.

Spruce up your footers. You shouldn’t ignore this part because in email this is your last impression and subscribers might want some general information about the sender so go for it and give them what they want nicely.If you have a drab boilerplate footer, it’s time to give it the boot!