In 2019 – Email means More Mobile!

The number of smartphone users is set to surpass the 5 billion mark in 2019 and yet, studies show nearly 1 of 5 email marketing campaigns wasn’t optimized for mobile devices. That means 20% of email campaigns are losing out on major revenue. Nor are they building brand loyalty or connecting with their subscribers in a meaningful way. Optimizing emails for mobile will be imperative to the success of any and every email marketing campaign in 2019. But optimizing for email no longer only refers to designing an email for easy reading on your subscriber’s smartphones. In 2019, optimizing email marketing for mobile means crafting your entire customer journey for mobile users.

This email from Native provides large graphics that are easy to click-through on mobile devices and smartphones. These links then carry the subscriber to web pages designed for easy viewing and interaction on mobile. In fact, the web pages work just as well on mobile as they do on a desktop:

Customers aren’t just reading emails on their mobile devices any longer. They’re also going straight from your emails to your website and even shopping on their mobile devices.

This means your calls to action (CTAs) should make converting as seamless as possible because you can assume your subscribers won’t switch over to their desktop to follow through. Instead, assume your subscribers will read your email, click through to your website, and perform whatever action you’re promoting all on their mobile devices.

When you don’t optimize for mobile, you’re assuming your subscribers will save your email to peruse on their desktop and they won’t. In 70% of cases, if the message doesn’t display correctly on a mobile device, it’s likely to be deleted within 3 seconds.

Don’t gamble with your marketing. Instead, spend a little time thoughtfully optimizing for mobile and let your results speak for themselves.

Prioritizing mobile is no longer something you should consider; in 2019, mobile will be absolutely indispensable if you want to bring in the most revenue possible from your email marketing campaigns.

Alarming facts –

  • 43% of consumers give a real email address when they come to a website that asks for an email before continuing
  • 80% of consumers (across all demos) actually unsubscribe from emails they no longer wish to receive
  • 59% of consumers leave an email unread if they plan to read it later, 33% flag it
  • And learn what Teens choose as a primary communication method from companies (hint…it’s email)