Redressal of Email Marketing’s complexity

Email is funny because it has that stature of being a real pillar of effective marketing on the web, and then at the same time, it is so often misunderstood.

The best execution is powered by an understanding of best practices.

Email marketing ROI is significantly higher than that of paid search, social media and other digital channels – and way higher than other traditional channels. That’s because email marketing has a number of compelling and unique characteristics.

Why email marketing?

Top seven reasons that may give you an answer to the above question.

#1: Email is ubiquitous and available across a variety of platforms. Email, which has been called the first social network, has far more users than FB. This gives email marketing an unbeatable scale and reach.

#2: Email is an open platform, controlled by many companies rather than just one. This gives it extra and longevity and stability but also keeps the cost of access low because of the competition.

#3: Although consumers are incredibly omnichannel, they overwhelmingly prefer to receive commercial messages via email, because it’s less intrusive as well more convenient, searchable and eco-friendly than other channels. At a time when users increasingly block or skip ads when closed platform social media sites increasingly require pay-to-pay, having a marketing channel where commercial messages are welcome is tremendously powerful. It’s worth stressing that email marketing is preferred by consumer both young and old.

#4: Unlike noisy, untargeted broadcast mediums, email is a one-to-one communication channel. It’s unparalleled targeting capabilities allow marketers to create a message that highly relevant.

#5: Email is immediate, thanks to the age of mobile and the fact that checking email is a top activity on a smartphone.

#6: Although other channels excel at rasing awareness, acquiring customers, and fostering conversations, email marketing is THE power of channel for retention marketing. Consumers strongly associate email marketing with deals, product information, and services notifications, making it unrivaled at driving sales and boosting loyalty.

#7: Email is the account of record for consumers. Email address serves as the most universal primary unique identifies online, essential to set up accounts at most brands. The email inbox is where receipts, password resets, and notifications of all kinds are sent. The continued shift of messaging from posta; mail to email will guarantee that people will be checking their inboxes regularly for decades to come.

Marketers tend to force their way into every communication channel, often confusing traffic with receptiveness.

I’ll also discuss the downside of it perhaps in my next article 🙂 Stay online.