In 2019 – Email means More Mobile!

The number of smartphone users is set to surpass the 5 billion mark in 2019 and yet, studies show nearly 1 of 5 email marketing campaigns wasn’t optimized for mobile devices. That means 20% of email campaigns are losing out on major revenue. Nor are they building brand loyalty or connecting with their subscribers in a meaningful way. Optimizing emails […]

How to Use Suppression List Management to Drive Email Performance

Email marketers are well-versed in using audience targeting and list management strategies to optimize campaign performance. This includes following the traditions of direct marketing – where targeting the right audience with the right message, at the right time is a proven campaign strategy that drives results. From simple name personalization to including content based on prior purchases, web page visits, […]

Email marketing 5 years ahead

How can you stay on top of the ever-changing environment that is the inbox? And what about that thing called the customers’ Mind-Box?! To be honest, the future is already here, it’s just not distributed evenly. Creating this email marketing trend overview has always been a good excuse for me to show what’s already happening right now. Take a peek […]

Have you ever tried to understand the Subscriber Experience?

Despite the fact that it happens frequently, it’s always surprising to marketers and they seem caught off guard by aspects of the subscriber experience. It’s no coincidence that I’m putting this recommendation front and centre. The subscriber experience is absolutely core to a successful email program. Not only does it influence consumer engagement and brand perception in and beyond the […]

Are you entering into email marketing? have a look on your creative and contents!

Good email design captures attention, facilitates information processing, augments the brand story, and draws the eye to actionable sections of the template. Good content (defined as both the copy and images selected) capitalizes on attention, articulates value, and outlines next steps. Once the holiday blitz has subsided, it’s a good time to review creative templates and your brand’s content strategy. […]