Yahoo! Begins Including DKIM Selectors in Reporting

Here comes a news from Yahoo Mail – a news which nearly got unreported but it’s quite important for those who understands it.

Since the beginning of the Yahoo Mail (which later became one of the largest email reporters) DKIM selectors wasn’t included in the DMARC XML data they provided. While attempting to identify mail stream DKIM selectors play a vital role about sending pattern and their origin. Using this are useful in classifying forwarded mail from direct-to-recipient mail. As many have found, the path to p=reject can be challenging—every data point is valuable.

In May 2021, the DKIM selector began to be included their XML reports. Just before a month in April 2021, Yahoo changed their reporter name from Yahoo, Inc. to Verizon Media (Verizon Media acquired Yahoo in 2016).

Benefits of this implementation by Yahoo!

  • The dataset is much more complete, leaving less room for ambiguity or guessing.
  • Getting DKIM selectors more reliably from massive reporters allow you to dream up additional classification rules/logic to improve the DMARC experience for the senders.