Deliverability Blog Post 1: Know the Email Deliverability

Deliverability Blog Post 1: Know the Email Deliverability

So you are reading this article.. hmm.. great! now I can assume you have some idea of what I am going to write here. I won’t puzzle you anymore I am writing something about Email Marketing which may you already know something or in details? Here I’ll walk you through the complete picture of Email Deliverability post by post. Of course, I am not going to write all at once 🙂

What is Email Deliverability?
First of all, we need to know that there is nothing such word (Deliverability) in English dictionary. It’s completely new word and is being used by email marketers. If you pay attention to the word you’ll notice this is a combination of Delivery + Ability. I am sure you already know about the delivery (means out 100 email sent how much actually it get delivered to the user – either spam box or inbox). Notice the second-word ‘Ability’ this means what was your delivered email ability means what they can do to your business? Whether your delivered email get some –

  • revenue for your business
  • user attention to your brand
  • a positive action performed by the users against your email
  • Above are the major abilities that your email can have. So now you can conclude what does Deliverability means – it simply means out of all your sent email how much of them are landed in the inbox, get opened or clicked.

    According to the HubSpot Academy,
    Delivery refers to whether or not a receiver accepts your email. This comes before the inbox or spam folder distinction. Can the message physically be accepted in the first place?
    Deliverability or Inbox placement refers to where that message ends up once it is accepted; in other words, the inbox, spam folder, or another folder.

    For example – Total email sent are 100, Delivered: 95 (80 inboxes and 15 spam). Here your delivery rate is 95% butt your Deliverability rate is only 80%.

    I am ending up here and I am sure you have now a better idea of this terminology. I’ll discuss further elements in my next blog post but please do write your comments and feedback in the comment box. I would love to read that.