What Is BIMI? Brand indicators for message identification, or BIMI, is an email standard for authenticating users and displaying brand logos. Its purpose is to authenticate organizations, prevent email fraud and enhance email delivery. Who Supports BIMI Currently? As I mentioned earlier, Yahoo and AOL are currently the only email clients supporting BIMI. However, Google’s BIMI pilot will launch soon, […]

BIMI for Gmail: Google Makes its new security updates using Email Identity Indicators.

Google recently announced their plans for Gmail to support BIMI as part of a larger series of G Suite security updates. If you’re already familiar with BIMI, you’re probably excited about it. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’re probably shaking your head at there being yet another acronym in email. BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It allows senders to […]

How Coronavirus has changed email behavior

At the present unprecedented times, everyone is affected. The coronavirus has affected the market of every type every verticle whether they’re offline or online. Email marketing behavior has also been deviated due to this. The coronavirus has disrupted most people’s lives, changing how they work, socialize, eat, and educate their children. It has also changed email behavior in profound and […]

Deliverability Blog Post 9: Your reputation and deliverability

As an email marketer one should be cautious about their reputation, this is a continuous process you can’t build good reputation overnight. To achieve this you have to follow the best guidelines throughout the year along with understanding your customer expectations. If you won’t do this you’ll lose out. The way you handle your email communication directly impact your sender […]