Email in fascinating numbers – 1,2,3…

Everyone knows the name of the excellent communication channel over the internet so far is none other than Email. Check out some facts that reveal how email industry looks like in numbers and how bigger it is. Below are email statistics which is up to date as of September 2017. I’ll work on collecting the most recent numbers as well and will make a post. By the way, all the counts which are given below are taken from Radicati Group.

The below numbers means a lot for an email marketers. These numbers are really interesting for them. Deliverability expert should pay attention to the percentage of email that is spam, it is really quite high (49% – it matters)

First Email system was developed in 1971
Emails are sent per day 269 billion
Percentage of email read on mobile devices 66%
Percentage of email that is spam 49%
People use Email in the world 4.3 billion
Average office worker receives emails a day 121
Average office worker sends out business emails a day 40
Percentage of emails that have a malicious attachment 2.3%
Percentage of mobile users who read an email based on subject line 33%
Length of subject line for highest read rate 61-65 characters

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Email marketing has an ROI – 4,300%

Emails are optimized for mobile – 11% only

Percentage of consumers check their email daily – 91%

The only thing to remember  – Data is power. That’s why I’ve put together this list of essential email statistics every marketer should know.

Please note that I don’t guarantee these numbers are to be 100% correct and not necessarily tallies scientifically as this comes from the various news report over the internet.